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Build an online appointment schedule for your language school, private lessons, group lessons, online classes and simplify student management with Bookhint Scheduling Software. Let the students make their own appointments hassle free!

You can add up a language test form to find out any student's proficiency level and segregate batches accordingly. Incorporate payment options to let students pay for courses upfront or in instalments. The system automatically sends confirmation emails once the booking is made. There is multiple tutor scheduling option for language schools while freelance tutors can manage their calendar according to their availability. You can also send class reminders to prevent no shows. Bookhint scheduling software can be easily Integrated in your website and can be customised.

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Bookhint is a Dutch-based multinational technology company that specializes in providing Internet-related services and products, which include all-in-one Saas solution for managing your service bookings, client appointments, resources and operations, and a marketplace for services. Bookhint aims to optimizing your operational processes and client communication through automation and thus to enhance your customer service to a premium level. We offer a set of brilliant features designed effectively to streamline your operations, make your bookings hassle free, gain more clients, manage your services and save tones of time.

Our Top Features For Language Schools & Freelance Tutors

Manage Classes

You can manage all your classes be it personal or group lessons in one calendar.

Schedule classes according to your availability

Manage Students

You can now manage all your students in one calendar.

Keep track of their attendance and progress in each class.

24x7 Online Bookings

Let your students book their own appointments 24x7 online.

Save time on emails and phone calls as Bookhint manages your data.

Manage bookings

Cancel or reschedule your private and group lessons at anytime.

Edit the details of the appointment.

Automatic Email Class Reminders

Send automatic email reminders before class to prevent no shows and also know the class capacity in advance.

Incorporate Scheduling In Your Website

You can easily incorporate Bookhint Scheduling Software in your website.

We can help you set it up!

Book Free Trial Class

Let your students book a free trial class and increase chances of admissions.

Free Promotions

Use Bookhint Scheduling Software if you are a language school or a freelance tutor and earn free promotions on our various platforms.

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