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Appointment Scheduling Software for Retailers

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Non-essential Retail Stores have been heavily affected by Covid and the respective governmental regulations and just recently, in some countries like the Netherlands, they were enforced to introduce shopping by appointment. Appointment Scheduling Software plays an important role in helping the stores arrange this more easily and Bookhint is proud to do that with the foremost efficiency.

Yet, Bookhint was there for the retailers before Covid, with the brighter scope to help provide premium service to their customers.

Giving your customers the chance to schedule a shopping advise appointment online, saves them any waiting time upon arrival. It also allows your store advisors to better prepare for their visit, given the client provided in advance details about their needs.

With our software retailers also easily organize special member events like "First to see and try our new collection" and "Personal advise day", or acquisition campaigns like "Special sale per appointment only". These events are set up with a few clicks and sign-ups are automatically managed. Our app effectively acquires new customer contact details and subscription preferences and feeds them directly into your customer database.

Bookhint is not just an appointments system. It is your customer acquisition and retention partner!

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Our stores receive thousands of appointments every day.
It is fully automated!

Brand Loyalty

Acquire new members and Inspire your customers with special events

Premium Service

Build stronger customer relations with personalized pre-scheduled advise appointments

Healthy Revenue-Mix

Diversify your customer acquisition and retention channels


Bookhint is a Dutch-based multinational technology company that specializes in providing Internet-related services and products, which include all-in-one Saas solution for managing your service bookings, client appointments, resources and operations, and a marketplace for services. Bookhint aims to optimizing your operational processes and client communication through automation and thus to enhance your customer service to a premium level. We offer a set of brilliant features designed effectively to streamline your operations, make your bookings hassle free, gain more clients, manage your services and save tones of time.

Our Top Retail Features

Store search

Once your Bookhint business account is set up and your stores have been imported, a dedicated appointments landing page is generated for you. On this page consumers can search and select the store, to make an appointment with.

Alternatively, a dedicated appointment link for each of your stores is directly available for you to implement to your own store search page.

Appointment booking

Your consumers can book an appointment with your store in three easy steps:
1. Select the reason(s) for the visit to the store
2. Select date and time
3. Enter contact details and confirm

Your customer service- or store employees get a dedicated user login and can also schedule your customer appointments.

Confirmation Email

Both the consumer and your store receive a booking confirmation email which contains the details of the location, date, time and type of the appointments.

The email content can be customized to your own brand template and sender email.

Manage Booking Flow

As the retail manager, you can manage:
• the content of the reasons for visiting your store, which your clients can choose in the booking flow
• your stores availability and capacity
• your stores appointments

Your stores can manage their availability and own appointments.

Capacity per Store

To align with the present and changing governmental regulations, we have added the extra flexibility for retailers to manage with just a few clicks the maximum number of visitors allowed to make an appointment with a store for the same time slot.

Multiple languages

All our features and user flows are available in several languages, including Dutch and English.

You can choose which ones to make available for your consumers.

Adding a new language is possible and easy to do.

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