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Appointment Scheduling Software for Hairdressers and Hair Salons

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✔ User friendly 24/7 online booking facility
✔ Introduce offers and discounts easily
✔ Hassle-free management of employee availability
✔ Reschedule or cancel appointments with one click
✔ Schedule multiple treatments per appointment
✔ Appointment confirmation email
✔ Book button for your own website
✔ Instant client messenger

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The hair salon industry is getting competitive day by day. Nowadays it has become a significant process to increase your online presence for reaching more customers. Bookhint has a solution for you to make your salon operation chaos-free, acquire more customers and create a comfortable experience for your customers with its appointment scheduling software.

Manage all your salon operations from employee’s schedule availability to your price discounts using our appointment scheduling software. Our software makes it easy for you to manage the salon branch miles apart in a system helping you to monitor the salon's functioning.

With our software, you can introduce “multiple offers per appointment”, “personalized hair consultation” and many more to your customers. With our software, you can clearly monitor the reason of visit for each customer helping you to provide a well-prepared service to your customers without wasting time.

Bookhint appointment scheduling software is more than a BOOK BUTTON for your website. Experience how our appointment scheduling software helps your salon through Free Trial.

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Bookhint is a Dutch-based multinational technology company that specializes in providing Internet-related services and products, which include all-in-one Saas solution for managing your service bookings, client appointments, resources and operations, and a marketplace for services. Bookhint aims to optimizing your operational processes and client communication through automation and thus to enhance your customer service to a premium level. We offer a set of brilliant features designed effectively to streamline your operations, make your bookings hassle free, gain more clients, manage your services and save tones of time.

Our Top Features for the Hair Salons and Hair Dressers.

24/7 Online Appointment Booking

Appointment scheduling automation makes you available 24/7 which ultimately enhances your customer service level.

✔ No more missed calls

✔ No more missed client appointments

✔ No more missed new clients

Your customers can select the reason for their visit, the hairdresser required, and the date & time of the appointment.

Appointment Confirmations

Assure your customer of their appointments with confirmation through email .

Both the consumer and your store receive a booking confirmation email which contains the details of the location, date, time, and type of the appointments.

The email content can be customized to your own brand template and sender email.

Manage your booking flow

Business owners and salon managers can edit the service menu, the available offers description, and discounts, as well as the staff details and their availability.

Your hairdressers can also view and edit their own availability and booked customer appointments.

Offers and Discounts

Now introducing a loyalty program becomes easy with our appointment scheduling software.

You can promote your business by providing discounts and offers for your customers. With bookhint, you can provide more than one offer per appointment.

Free Promotion

List your business for free on our marketplace website to increase your online presence.

You will further benefit from multiple free features like client reviews, publishing space, client messenger, and competitors' scans.

Customize the feature you want!

As we value you and your customers more, we will customize the the features that fits your salon and makes your business operation smooth.

Contact us to know more details on customization.

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Benefit - No moremissed calls and clients
Benefit - More time for your core business
Benefit - Manage appointments
Benefit - Free promotion

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