Bookhint Appointment Scheduling Software For Online Courses

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Our Unique Features For Online Courses

A set of brilliant features designed effectively to streamline your operations, make your bookings hassle free, gain more students, manage your courses and other remote services and save tones of time.

Manage Appointments

Do you want to enable your applicants to make hassle free appointments with you online 24/7? Bookhint helps you!
Build an online appointment schedule for your institution, club, school, private lessons, trial and online courses and simplify student management with Bookhint scheduling software. You can add up a test form to find out any student's proficiency level as well as managing introduction or interview session for assessing their current level of knowledge and skills.

  • Editing applicants appointments is now easier and fun. You can also manage applicants data and generate reports.
  • You can update, reschedule or cancel any of your applicants appointments and your applicants can do the same at their own convenience and at your predefined cancelation notice period of 24, 48 or more hours.

Sign Ups!

Are you a fitness instructor? Do you offer zumba, yoga or other private or group courses or events?
Let's enable your students or attendees to sign up online and reserve a spot with Bookhint!

  • You can update your existing courses and services and add new services at your own convenience.
  • You can recognise the exact number of people who require to participate in your next course. In this way, you can manage availability by adding the times which are available for attendees. Your students will then be available to make an appointment for only those times.

Manage Services

Are you a music instructor who teaches different music instruments? Are you a language specialist who provides language courses in two or three different languages? Manage your various services easily in some few minutes with us!

  • Create different categories and add various services that you offer to your students.
  • Define the appointment types, eg. a private lesson, class, workshop, consultation, etc.
  • Easily edit your published offer descriptins from your desktop or mobile phone.

Act internationally

Are you a professional instructor who wants to reach more students and offer perfect services internationally ? We help you to overcome the geographical limitation.
All our features and user flows are available in several languages, including Dutch and English.

  • You can choose which language to make available for your students. Adding a new language is possible and easy to do.
  • Bookhint is a Dutch-based multinational technology company which acts internationally and runs many marketing campaigns to promote its service providers to all enthusiasts from each corner of world.

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All controls just a tap away

As a business owner or manager, you have access and control over your entire operations.

  • Manage your listed offer details
  • Manage your stuff resources
  • Manage multiple venues
  • Edit and reschedule appointments
  • View sales reports

Simple pricing

Sign up for €9 a month per calendar/employee

Or pay as you go €1 for every 10 appointments

√ No credit card required

Let us be your guide

We'll guide you on how to use the brilliant features of our software and provide you a demo to make them work efficiently for your service.