Automate your Operations

And benefit your clients and your team with flawless experiences

Flawless Collaboration

Each member of your team gets their own Bookhint  account and can log in simultaneously from personal desktop computer, tablet or phone to manage their work.


All coordination flaws automatically and the productivity of your team increases instantaneously


Your stuff availability and appointment details synchronize with your business calendar

All Controlls are at your Fingertips

As the business owner you have access and control on all your staff appointments, customer communication and published content 

Fast & Easy Work

Manage all business activity from your director account

eNJOY ResultS

View your sales reports and enjoy the growing numbers


Access a unique set of operational features which will simplify your life and will enable you to grow your business as a top notch service provider.


Your customers and You can:

book appointments online

 update appointment details

 reschedule appointments

 cancel appointments within set by you cancelation term, e.g. 24 hours


Manage your stuff:

accounts access

 user roles





user roles

Three levels of user roles are available:

 Agent | can manage own profile, availability and appointments

 Manager | can manage location profiles; service menu and offers; agent profile, availability and appointments

 Director | can manage everything



Manage one location or several locations from the same Director account

 Free promotional webpage for each location

 Edit and publish location page content

 Assign stuff resources to location

 Reassign stuff from one location to another

Service offers

Create your services menu and offers

 Enable offers with specific agent or agents

Create details filters for your offers

 Publish offers on your location webpage

Curstomers can select in which currency to view your offer prices

Curstomers can book one or several offers at a time




 Your customers can book offers by selecting available agent and time

 Your agents can edit their availability from their own user acount

 Agent auto-reminder to keep availability up-to-date to ensure bookings’ accurateness



Multi-language support

Conveniently translate your locaiton page content. This includes:

translation of your business and service description

translation of your stuff descriptions

translation of your offer specifications

Your customers can select in which language to view the offer details


Access to your customer data

 Search and view your customer personal- and contact information

 Search, view and edit your customer appointments

Search and view historical and actual messages



customer messenger

Enable instant messaging on your loaction page

Interested customers can message you queries about your offers

 You receive a notification when a new message comes in

 Respond instantly

 Forward message to anyone from your team

 Delete messages option

 Unlimitted inbox storage



View live analytics abut your

✓ sales – your total number of appointmetns for a day, week, month, year, years

location page visitors

✓ conversion – how many of your visitors booked an appointment

location peak days and hours

staff performance – completed appointments by agent

new vs. existing customers

ssl secure

Bookhint owns a secure connection sertificate which means that:

We are a verified business

We provide a secure platform

We provide verified content

Your computer system and devise are 100% virus protected when you stream the bookhint applications

We encrypt personal data



GDPR Compliant

Bookhint is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant

We are liable for protecting your- and your customers personal and business information

We message you or your customers only when we have been given direct concent to do so

We actively notify you when our general terms of use and privacy policy have changed and ask your confirmation to continue deliver you our services




Sure thing!


We can add custom designs and featurs as per direct request

Tell us what special request you have and we will give you our feedback, implementation time and cost, delivery planning


2020 Roadmap

We work hard to deliver you a world class experience!

See a snap-shot list of what new features to expect in 2020. These will become available to you automatically with our next updates without changing your pricing plan.

group appointments

Provide mininum and maximum capacity for your group offers and enable your customers to:

 join a group lesson

 join a group course

 join a group workshop

All appointments are synched amongst the customer-, stuff- and business calendars

online payment

Activate online payment to secure  bookings.

Payment options will include all modern financial options:

 credit card

 debit card

 online banking




Return policy

Define your return policy, e.g.

 Customer receives complete refund if cancelation is 48 hours prior appointmen

 Customer received 50% refund in cancelation is 24 hours prior to appointment

 Customer receives no refund in cancelation is within 24 hours prior to appointment


individual offers

Create individual offer for a customer

 Create a gift card email with individual offer with a custom description and price

✿ Can be used to resolve a dispute or as an appology for cancelling or reschedule an appointment

 Customer can book the offer directly from the email


Your customers want to follow you and want to receive interesting offers from your?

 You can now activate newsletter and campaign registrations and start building up your subscribers list

Choose available bookhint template for your email and easily customize with your logo and links

Create and send newsletter or special offer campaign emails

 View open- and click reports



retargeting leads

Bookhint recognizes when a user started booking one of your offers but suddenly quit without confirming

 When the user has accepted your- and bookhint cookies, bookhint can deliver to the user an email or a banner with a link to complete the booking





Your Benefits


Optimized online Customer Experience

Superior Customer Support

Flawless Coordination with your Team

More Time to deliver your core Services at World Class Quality

You thought you couldn’t Scale Up your Business? Now you can!